The minutes from last meeting were discussed and accepted.

Information Collection/Evaluations

The general overall impression was that the visit to Castilla y León was a great success. Evaluations and observation sheets from the Cornish delegates would be collected on return home.

Visit to Cornwall

Final agreement for date of return visit to Cornwall was set for Sunday 1st March – Friday 6th March 2015. Schools to be notified of change of suggested date as soon as possible. Discussion about where the teachers should stay as hotels would not be easy to find at that time of year and in some of the locations. A communal day at the end of the week to round off the visits could be a possibility.


Some Cornish schools are unable to get onto the VLE for a variety of technical reasons, mainly Internet security/firewalls etc. from the Local Authority. The web-page was discussed including the questions about who provides it.

CLIL Course

The course is now up and ready to be used on the web-page. It is a 30 hour course and there will be certification for all teachers who complete the course.

Workplan: November 2014 – February 2015

Various ideas were discussed but it was decided that poetry and song are to be the focus of shared work between the schools for this period.

It was concluded that the project is going well and the visit to Castilla y León has been a great success. The foundations for the next steps in the Project have been laid.